All Cleo Harper bralets and leggings are designed to be offered with endless styling and pairing options and we know many of you just love a matching set. We do too… sets are easy. You already have a go-to match ready, especially on days when you want to look stylish while needing to be ready in a flash – a set it is!

The good news is that sets give you so many styling options. Naturally you have the set combination itself and then there are endless styling choices when you break up the bralet and legging and style them individually. If you are a set lover, we currently have multiple sets in stock. Our sets range from a softer palette like Evergreen and Shadow towards deeper jewel tones as seen in our fig coloured sets.

If you normally go for basics and monochrome but like an edgy detail, our black Crackle print set is going to be a winning addition to your wardrobe. 

Shop our newest sets here:

Reign 2.0 - Restocked
Tour 2.0 - Restocked
Bliss – NEW
Everly – NEW

Reign - Restocked
Heidi - NEW

Reign - Restocked
Bliss - Restocked

Reign 2.0 - Restocked
Zeppelin - NEW

We hope you find your perfect match either you like it basic or want a touch of colour! 

X The Cleo Harper Team

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