Tatiana Bralet - Orange



The Return of Tatiana - Our Asymmetrical, One-Shoulder Bralet in the Newest Orange Shade for the Mode Collection

Get ready to turn heads with Tatiana in Orange, the coveted asymmetrical, one-shoulder bralet is back. This stunning piece perfectly matches our Accelerate Short also in Orange and is set to pair beautifully with so many colours in our Mode collection. This sports bra is not just the most elegant thing from the front; the backline is simply stunning and something to behold.

Surprisingly supportive yet compressive, our Body Base fabric and internal elastic seams are engineered to keep this bralet in place for weight training sessions, walks, and other activities. It's also the perfect fashion piece to add to your wardrobe, as it effortlessly combines both style and substance.

The swim element of the Tatiana Bralet is a reason on its own to justify owning this unique item. Crafted from Cleo Harper's special stay-dry BodyBase fabric, our Tatiana Bralet (along with all of our Bralets) boasts three layers of breathable fabric, removable bra cups, and is designed for swimming. Made from our signature BodyBase fabric, it has a compression feel. Experience the power of Tatiana!

Models wears size XS & M.

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Customer reviews:

“I wore my tee & bralet yesterday that was my first purchase of your brand and it was just perfect. Holding everything in place but with a nice soft feel from the fabric. No “adjusting” every 5 minutes … I so look forward to receiving my next purchase.” - Gisela

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