Jordana Bralet - Tortoise



The line-up of bralets in the Jewel collection is something to behold! So many favourites, it will be a hard decision for many to make, but for us, the Jordana is always a style we gravitate toward several times a week. Our ultra-feminine bralet Jordana has a sweetheart neckline giving a beautiful shape and the simple crossover fold at the back is stunning. Suited to low-mid impact workouts, yet still a nice degree of support with the supportive band under the bust. 

Made from our Body Base fabric, the removable bra cups are encased in a triple layer construction.

Designed to be worn with:

Models wear size XS. If you prefer a very firm fit, size down. Otherwise true to size.

Customer reviews:

I used my bralet yesterday, it was my first purchase of your brand and it was just perfect. Holding everything in place but with a nice soft feel from the fabric. No "adjusting” it every 5 minutes….I so look forward to receiving my next purchase." - Gisela

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