Fortitude Bralet - Coastal



We are extremely excited to release our latest high impact bralet, Fortitude. This bralet is a force to be reckoned with, a new style bralet that we developed for support. Fortitude features multiple power mesh panels & seams in all the right places for structure and support.

This bralet has been tried & tested for all workout types and passed all the tests with flying colours. Fortitude is your new bestie. We welcome Fortitude in a gorgeous colour – coastal. Coastal is a stunning blue/purple/grey tone.

Fortitude is a sports bra you want to add to your collection. Crafted from our stay-dry BodyBase fabric, Fortitude, like all Cleo Harper Bralets, features three layers of breathable fabric and bra cups encased that are not removable. Fortitude is made from our BodyBase fabric and is also designed to be worn for swimming. BodyBase has a compression feel, is lightweight, super soft and has a slight satin finish.

Style Fortitude with:

Model wears size XS

Customer reviews:

“Fortitude is everything I’m looking for in a bralet, offering ultimate support for HIIT training, unique feminine styling and amazing comfort. I really love the power mesh which not only offers extra support and coverage, but softens the styling of the bralet.  I’m also a big fan of the bralet padding being sewn into the construction of the bra which add to the simple lines and styling of the piece without enlarging the breast area.  The body base fabric is super quick drying and supportive, only adding to my confidence wearing Fortitude. I’ve hopped, jumped and skipped my way through a tough high impact session and felt both supported and free to move at the same time, never needing to readjust. This bralet can be worn with confidence by all, but particularly those with larger natural breasts and I highly recommend! I really don’t see any negative aspects to this bralet, it definitely performs under high impact workouts whilst looking stylish.” - Sarah!”

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