Welcome to legging heaven

Welcome to legging heaven

In the same way that everyone needs that pair of perfect jeans, we also need the perfect pair of black leggings. As with jeans, we all have different preferences around features, styles and material when it comes to our leggings. We want to give you a run-down on our nine different styles of black leggings and guide you through the overwhelm of selecting the perfect legging for you.

REIGN – This is your basic staple legging that every girl needs in her workout wardrobe. As with all Cleo Harper pieces, our activewear is made with fabrics that are superior and luxe. Made in our BodyBase fabric, the Reign are recognised by their slight satin finish. They are lightweight but have that compressive feel that many of us love, especially during those intense workouts, or if you just want that extra support.

REIGN 2.0 – These tights are identical in cut and fit to the original Reign, however these tights are made in our BodyLuxe fabric which gives them a flawless, buttery soft, cotton feel. Yes, you may never want to take them off! And don’t worry they are still squat proof and designed for high intensity training.

PARKER – For those of you that love the ¾ length we have designed our black Parker leggings. This style is available in the same buttery soft BodyLuxe fabric, just like our Reign 2.0.

SOUL – This is our newest legging style and you won’t want to take them off! These leggings have a seamless waistband, but otherwise have the same fit as our beloved Reign styles. To compliment the seamless waistband feature - the Soul legging are made in our buttery soft BodyLuxe fabric. And like all of our leggings, the elastic edge of our Cleo Harper tights keeps our leggings in place even through the hardest workout.

ECHO – Echo is perfect for anyone who wants something extra. Echo is made in the same compressive BodyBase fabric as our original Reign tights but to give these leggings a little edge, we have strategically designed them with some mesh panels to elongate the leg.

MAISON – This legging also has the same fit and feel as the original Reign legging, but these leggings have a very flattering mesh side panel detail. Not only does this touch of mesh have a lengthening effect on the leg, the mesh panels also provide ventilation. We love Maison for those tough workouts in the summer.

FREEDOM – If you are pregnant, this is the legging for you. With an extra high seamless waistband, Freedom will grow with your expanding belly. With all the features of our Reign 2.0 legging and its buttery soft BodyLuxe fabric, Freedom is a staple in every maternity wardrobe.

FORTE – Sometimes you just need pockets, especially when running and walking. Forte is our popular style designed with two side pockets deep enough for your keys or your phone. The seam of the pocket is extended along the side of each leg and gives the leg a flattering and slimming effect. The Forte legging comes in the same compressive BodyBase fabric as Reign, and have the same high waist fit as all of our Cleo Harper leggings.

FORTE 2.0 – This is our second Forte style and it is identical to our original Forte in fit and style. The only difference is the fabric; Forte 2.0 comes in the same butter soft BodyLuxe fabric as our Reign 2.0.

We hope this little black book of our legging styles makes it easier for you to decide the next time you need to invest in a pair.

x The Cleo Team

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