The Cleo Method is here...

The Cleo Method is here...

The secret is out, but if you missed the big news…. The Cleo Method is here! We now have daily workouts for our entire Cleo Family. Our beautiful Cleo Harper community reaches across time zones and continents, and we wanted to create something that our whole Cleo community could enjoy wherever you are, and in your own time.

Our local and Australian community have loved visiting our Australian store to see the beautiful space our designer has created, and to shop and enjoy events in this stunning space among all our favourite Cleo Harper pieces. Now you can get a piece of this beautiful space too, and start your day in our aesthetic gym.

We have got some incredible trainers that will get you motivated, put a smile on your face and push you through a daily 22-28 minute workout. The best thing; these workouts are a gift back to our community, they are completely free and there for you to enjoy. All you have to do is open YouTube and get started!

These workouts are low impact workouts with a strength and mobility focus created to tone and strengthen your body from your living room floor or wherever you can roll out your mat. Just have some dumbbells ready and you are good to go. If you don’t have any dumbbells yet, fill up some water bottles for some DIY weights. 

Put on your favourite Cleo Harper workout pieces, crank up our Spotify playlist, roll out the mat and get moving in style with the Cleo Method.

The Cleo Harper Team x

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