If you have received an order from us in the past week you would have also received our cute and versatile wash bag as a gift from us. We love packing your orders in something that is purposeful and can come in handy. This bag is so much more than just cute packaging. You might already have one of our previous white wash bags and think ‘why would I need more of these?’ Well after you read all the secret tricks of these wash bags you might actually start collecting… are you ready?

5 ways to use your Cleo Harper wash bag:
  • We know a lot of you already wash your intimates in a wash bag. The Cleo Harper bralets should be no different. This way you make sure to give your favourite bralets the best care, protected from buttons and zippers of other clothing pieces. Although its not essential, some of our customers say they always put their Cleo Harper pieces in our wash bag to make sure the pieces doesn’t get thrown around with other clothing throughout the wash cycle. This way they know they give their favourite activewear the best and most gentle care.

  • Your whites will love your new wash bag. This was recently tested by one of our team members here at Cleo Harper. She nearly cried as she spilt a blueberry smoothie on her new white Bondi tee. But a couple of sprays of Napisan directly on the mark, straight in the wash bag and voilà– stain gone! We love to keep our white pieces white with some Napisan running through the washing cycle in order to keep the brightness of our white Cleo Harper pieces.

  • The holiday season is coming up and although 2020 hasn’t been a year for travel you might have some more local travel plans for the upcoming Christmas holiday. If so, our wash bags become the perfect travel cube(s). Who loves an organised suitcase? One cube for tops, one for underwear, one for activewear etc. Plus always remember to bring an empty wash bag that can be filled with anything that needs washing upon your return.

  • If you’re heading to work after your gym session the wash bag will be your new bestie. Put all your sweaty training clothes in the wash bag to separate it from the rest of your bag. The breathable mesh will keep them separated while allowing air flow.

  • We also find the wash bag is our “outfit on the go” bag. You know those days when you need to bring an extra outfit to work; either for that little Christmas gathering with the girls after work or a nice beach walk with a friend. Anytime an outfit change is required, simply pack your garment in the wash bag to keep it accessible but separated from the rest of your bag.

We hope this inspires you and you find many practical uses for this handy little bag.

X The Cleo Harper Team


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