Australian athlete and professional tennis player, Lizette Cabrera is currently touring the world and playing in custom made Cleo Harper garments. We had a chat with Lizette from her hotel room in Paris. We talked about everything from her favourite moments in Paris so far, her Cleo Harper tennis dresses, croissants, travel in a Covid world and of course her favourite Cleo pieces

Share with our readers what takes you to Paris at this time of year.
I am in Paris for the French open at Roland Garros. I am so excited to be back playing this grand slam, it is my third time here!

How did you find it travelling overseas in the current Covid restricted world?
It was definitely a very weird feeling as I had been home for so long. I flew Brisbane to Singapore, then Singapore to Paris. Both flights were so empty and it was so odd! But that is what International travel looks like during Covid. I got a whole row to myself, which was amazing, as I am not used to this! Overall the travel was good I just had to be extra careful and making sure I’m always sanitizing and keeping my mask on.

What do you pack when you travel on tour?
Packing is honestly one of the hardest things for me. I practically live out of a suitcase since I am away from home for over 30 weeks of the year. I’ve learnt to pack smart, pack light and pack efficiently! My suitcase is predominately activewear. I pack all of my Cleo staples like my tour & spin shorts, all of my favourite leggings (I wish I could take them all but I try to stay down to 4 or 5), bralets and tops, so practically my whole suitcase is packed with Cleo haha. Then I have a few casual clothes and some shoes and pjs.

You always play in specially designed Cleo Harper dresses. Describe the dresses you will play in during the French Open, and why you have chosen to play in Cleo Harper?

Yes, I am so lucky to be wearing custom Cleo Harper! I will be playing in a beautiful dress that is olive colour on the bottom with the opal print on top that is covered with mesh. I will have matching bike shorts underneath to match the olive. I also have a second outfit that is a skirt and top. The top is mostly white with the outline of the neckline in olive with a matching olive skirt. I love the material of Cleo Harper. I feel so beautiful in it while also being comfortable and able to run, slide, jump and hit any shot I like with ease. The clothes are so classy and original and they honestly feel so good to play tennis in! I also love that I am the only tennis player on tour wearing Cleo and that it always stands out. 

We might have spotted a Cleo Harper travel outfit in your stories from the airport. Can you tell us about this combination, and why you choose to wear this look on the long flight to Paris?
Yes, I was wearing my favourite jumper from the new collection the Brighton sweater matched with the Reign leggings in black. This is my go-to outfit for travelling because it is so comfortable! Especially when I am sitting on the plane for hours and then also walking around different airports. The Brighton sweater is so soft and feels like butter, while the Reign leggings are also amazing with the staple colour of black and just feeling so nice and smooth on my legs. 

What was the first thing you did when you arrived in Paris?
We arrived early in the morning so we checked into the hotel then went for a walk to the Eiffel Tower! I felt so grateful because less than 24 hours ago I was in Brisbane and now I am in Paris! There’s something about Paris when the sun is shining, it’s just so beautiful. 

Favourite food in Paris? 
I love the croissants here! That is my favourite thing. However, when I’m done with the tournament hopefully I can have a Nutella crepe because they are also amazing in France. 

What does a typical day in Paris look like for you leading up to the French Open?
A typical day for me is usually two practices a day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I also do a light gym session and some stretching and then I see the physio for some treatment. I usually have breakfast at the hotel before I leave and then I have lunch at the tennis courts. We are in a bubble, which means we are only allowed to go to the tennis courts and the hotel. However, we are allowed one hour a day to walk outside for exercise! I am so lucky to be staying 10mins walk from the Eiffel Tower, so I have been going there every day. 

What Cleo Harper pieces do you train in on a typical day of training and preparations?
I always mix and match. I usually wear my Tour 2.0 shorts matched with a top like the drift tank. I’ll also mix it up with wearing leggings if it is super cold, or if I’m in the gym. I’m actually wearing my Reign 2.0 leggings in Opal, as it is so cold in Paris today.

Favourite Paris moment so far?
My favourite moment so far was seeing the Eiffel Tower on the first day and walking along the streets of Paris with the sun shining!

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