It's Training Day! Paige Hathaway x Cleo Harper

It's Training Day! Paige Hathaway x Cleo Harper

Are you ready for the unveiling of the TRAINING DAY collection by Cleo Harper in collaboration with fitness icon, Paige Hathaway?! We are! This collection has been a long time in the making and we couldn’t be prouder of how strong it is in palette, silhouette and fabrication.

Red White and Navy sings classic, yet we create every piece to have a point of difference and suit as many body shapes as possible. Every woman will find pieces in Training Day that flatter the body and make you feel amazing.

Paige Hathaway has kicked major goals in the fitness industry, inspiring millions of women everyday and she knows the importance of quality, stylish activewear. Running up to the launch of this collection we had a chat to Paige about the collection, her achievements, life as a mum, training and everything in between. Have a read and get inspired!

Paige, we first met you in May 2018 when you travelled to Australia as the Global Ambassador for F45. What are your favourite memories from Australia?
Australia is one of my favourite places I’ve ever had the privilege to travel to. Everything from the cuisine to the culture is so unique and welcoming. I loved the idea that most people have an active lifestyle and are so kind to one another.

How has your philosophy on fitness changed from when you began your journey to where you are now?
My perspective when I first started my fitness journey was about looking a certain way but now, being a mother, I’ve realized it’s about feeling a certain way. I used to think Training day was about being motivated to look really good but now I think it’s more mental and its about doing it for yourself and making the best version of yourself mentally and the physical part is more of a bonus.

Describe what stands out for you as your biggest achievement so far in your fitness career?
There are many achievements I’m proud of such as being on the cover of multiple magazines, being the catalyst of many global brands, creating a household brand out of my name, but my personal greatest achievement is that I helped alter the notion that women shouldn’t have muscles. I began the discussion that women CAN be muscular and strong versions of themselves, opening the door for women to enter the fitness industry.

We’re so flattered you have loved the brand for many years and feel honoured that you chose us to collaborate with. What was it about CLEO HARPER that made it a right fit in your mind?
Cleo Harper stood out to me from the very beginning because their material, their styles and their fit set the bar for other fitness apparel brands. We all have a variety of brands in our closet, but I always find myself grabbing Cleo Harper. It’s like… Remember that time you wore something and it made you feel great? Yeah, it feels like that.

How would you classify your personal favourite, most effective method of training?
I try to incorporate different methods of training, but my personal favorite is Circuit (HIIT) Training. (This is when you choose exercises with (X) amount of sets and (X) amount of reps with less breaks. This is a combination of strength training and cardio because you’re keeping up your heart rate. I just feel like this is the most effective method.

What do you expect/what is important for you when it comes to your activewear?
The things I look for in fitness apparel are comfort and style, I want to look good and feel good at the same time with no compromises, this was the inspiration behind this capsule. Each piece is built to support you in all the right places and keep up with your body movements while the material keeps you feeling so soft and comfortable. The style is modest but sexy at the same time, the perfect in-between for any training day.

When you first discovered CLEO HARPER what was your first impression?
Not only did Cleo Harper’s style and material stand out to me, but when I discovered that they were a company founded by women, I became even more admirable of the brand.

What pieces are you most excited about in our collaboration together?
I’m truly obsessed with all the items in the collection, the styles and the fit are suitable for anyone. I love the fact that all the items are able to be mixed and matched with one another. It’s so tough but I really love the Dash Shorts paired with the Valencia Top, its such a versatile outfit and red looks good on everyone. The Aurelia top paired with the Reign 2.0 Navy leggings is the perfect training day outfit, throw over the Eden tank and you’re ready to seize the day.

Tell us about the platforms you use to connect with women and encourage them on their fitness journey.
I use a variety of platforms to connect with women including Instagram, Facebook and I even launched my own podcast called Coming Clean. I especially created my Fitin5 fitness challenge to teach men and women how to use the tools given to them in a challenge to transition them into living a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you’re a mum, have your perspectives on work, life, fitness changed a great deal?
Transitioning into motherhood has been a challenging experience but the most rewarding. It has created a new audience for myself, connecting me with mothers and allowed me to share more of my personal experiences going through pregnancy and postpartum. I’ve learned a lot about how to conquer motherhood from my followers who are mothers and mom’s can really do it all.

Where can ladies follow you to be inspired and informed leading up to the exciting CLEO HARPER x PAIGE HATHAWAY collaboration?
Check out my Instagram and Facebook for all the latest news regarding the launch such as try on hauls and my favorite parts about the collection! @paigehathaway

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