It is that time again, lets mix and match

It is that time again, lets mix and match

We love seeing you colour your world pink with the arrival of your 7 Days of Pink orders. It has also been amazing having so many of you coming to our boutique and filling your Cleo Harper bags with your pink favourites. We love how some of you are so excited about this collection that you even walk out wearing your new pink sets!
What we also love showing you when a new collection is released is how the new collection blends with our previous Cleo Harper releases. We wanted to give you some styling tips & #CleoOutfit ideas from the amazing combinations we have seen in the mix and match department this week.

Embrace the summer spirit with our Trial short in the vibrant shade of Cyclamen paired with the Orange Tatiana bralet. This combination is an absolute showstopper, offering tropical flair with a touch of sophistication. Picture yourself strolling along the beach or attending a lively workout class in this ensemble. To complete the look, all you need are some chic gold hoops for that "girls just wanna have fun" vibe.

If you prefer a softer, pastel palette, you will adore the Oil Accelerate short matched with the Cyclamen Estelle bralet. This pairing exudes charm and femininity, making it perfect for your Pilates sessions or leisurely outings. Layer it with our Breeze shirt in Petal for that effortless "on my way to Pilates" look that combines comfort and style seamlessly.

For a look that's both pretty and cute, go for the Compass short in Primrose, paired with the restocked Dusk bralet in white. The adorable soft pink strap detail on the bralet complements the Compass short beautifully. This ensemble is a testament to the magic that happens when fashion meets function in activewear.

We hope these mix and match ideas have sparked your creativity and given you fresh styling inspiration for your Cleo Harper pieces.

The Cleo Harper Team x

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