We all have different style and taste some of us will embrace top to toe prints and others might find head to toe prints daunting. If you are someone who normally steers clear of prints we thought we should share a little styling guide on how to style prints. This is to remind you that there is not only one way to wear prints, but rather there are endless ways to style printed pieces into an outfit. Prints can actually be the little sparkle your basic pieces need to set the look.

Here at Cleo Harper we love our prints and love to include striking prints in our collections. In our recent Awake collection we had our stunning ocean blue Tie-dye print and in our latest collection Daydream we introduced Dive Blue and Dive Coral, as well as the vibrant Tropics print.

We love to wear our Dive Blue prints as a set, but we thought we would use this print as our base in this little styling session in order to show you the endless opportunities that come with prints. 

As the base of this set is light and white we recommend pairing this print with lighter tones or the palette of the print for a more matching look. You will always be safe if you pair your prints with the colours used within the print or the base colour of the garment. For the Dive Blue Joya bralet we love pairing it with the Forte or Tour shorts in navy or the Dash shorts in white or sky. For a super fresh look, we also love to pair it with our white Maison legging, which is just WOW. Since it is a light print this bralet also works like magic with a grey palette. Try it with our grey Voyage jogger and you will see what we mean.

The same goes for the Dive Blue legging; pair it with our grey London sweater or Altitude hoodie if you want to break up the palette a bit - or keep the look more in tone by wearing it with the navy Dexter or the blue District sweater. You could also brighten up the legging look with lighter tops such as Coco sky, white Vashti, Island or Vitality. 

If you like us love to wear your prints as matching sets but want a little edge, tie one of our sweaters around your waist and voilà - you have a little contrast and texture play happening.

So remember, buying a printed set is always a great wardrobe investment! You get multiple statement pieces out of one set - firstly worn as a head to toe set and secondly as separates worn as a top or bottom styled with your basic #CleoWardrobe.

What’s your favourite ever CLEO HARPER print?

X The Cleo Harper Team


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