We are diving into our last month of summer here in Australia and so to bring a little brightness to the end of Summer we welcome our new collection, Endless Summer. Our brand, based on the Gold Coast is surrounded by lush rainforests and tropical beaches, and this is our inspiration for the first collection of 2022. Endless Summer is a collection to bring all those sun-filled memories to life.

This collection is right on trend as the runway is all about going bold and bright with colour. What is better than an activewear wardrobe filled with hot pinks, bright tangerine, sunny yellow, shades of purple and bold teal. This is a vibrant, joyful collection filled with amazing new cuts, designs and styles and it is perfect for the gym, as well as the outdoors.

If you are a monochrome lover this collection also has a brand-new colour - Nightfall. This darker grey is a perfect alternative to all your blacks. And if the black Team jacket is one of your favourites - you will also love the white version this collection offers.

The best thing about Endless Summer is that there are no rules. These styles and colours are designed to offer endless opportunities of mix and match when it comes to styling.

Who doesn’t want to live an Endless Summer? We hope you love this collection as much as we do.

x The Cleo Harper Team

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