The all new BIANCO bralet by CLEO HARPER is a super sporty style in the Electric Field collection. The triple colour combination will brighten up your day and looks great with a whole rage of bottoms.

The cut of this piece has a scooped neck line and small mesh cut out details at the front and back. The wider style shoulder strap and double band under the bust offers a nice degree of support.

Our Body Base fabric is also designed to be worn for water activities and the construction of this sports bra has 3 layers of stay-dry fabric with removable bra cups encased.

This piece makes a statement with these pieces:

Model wears size XS top

Customer reviews:

"Congrats on another incredible collection, Pearl. I am absolutely obsessed with the pinks and can’t wait to rock them when they arrive. There was plenty of chatting at my gym Saturday morning about what pieces we’d purchased! I get so many compliments in your gear and it always makes me feel so special. Thanks again and I’d be super excited to see more pink in the future” - Lizzie


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