With the end of 2020 in sight, we can all agree that home workouts have taken on a whole new meaning this year. At the moment we are very fortunate here in Australia where the Cleo Harper HQ is based, as with most states in Australia that gym doors are open again and overall there are fewer restrictions. But we have all had our fair share of gym mats in the living room at some stage this year. Some of us loved it so much we never went back to the gym, but continued to roll out our mat every morning.

Since we ship to all corners of the world we know that many of our international customers currently have strict lockdowns and we want to inspire you to keep your spirit high. We have put together a few tips on how to stay motivated week after week. Let’s start 2021 strong!

Weekly training journal –If you make a plan on Sunday to lock-in the exact day & time for your workouts and decide what workout you will be doing when, you are more likely to make it happen. Monday is yoga day, Tuesday is leg day and so on. This way you already have a plan and you don´t need to search for workout programs when you are already motivated to start you workout.

Amazing activewear – Our motivation always rises when we feel amazing. If you own any Cleo Harper pieces you know that our designs are extremely comfortable and supportive. And the best part; you will not only feel supported and comfortable throughout your workout, you will also look stylish and chic. Yes, please!! We have fun playing with mix & match pieces from past & present collections. Always lay out your Cleo outfit the night before. It’s like that little surprise in the morning when you almost forget what you laid out the night before. 

A program - We know some people love doing their own thing when working out at home. However, if you need a little push there are endless of training apps, YouTube channels, Insta Lives and other “home program” subscriptions that make you feel part of a bigger community when sweating by yourself. Needless to say you are guaranteed to find ongoing inspiration with any of these if you ever feel unmotivated or stuck in your usual program.

Routine – Find out what time of day you feel most energised. Some people can only workout in the morning as they can´t get motivated after a long day of work. Others prefer to sleep in and workout in the evening. Find out what works best for your body and schedule and stick to it until it becomes a set routine.

Equipment – Invest in a good mat so you have some protection from your floor. Your back will definitively thank you later.  Ankle and arm weights as well as booty bands take up no space and are super effective when doing strength work. You can always use cans or bottles as weights if you want to roll with what you already have at home.

We hope you now are motivated to dress up in your favourite Cleo Harper look and keep moving wherever you are in the world. Please tag us if you post your workout routine. We love seeing the Cleo Harper pieces in action.

X The Cleo Harper Team

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