Slide into stylish and comfortable outfits with our new Cleo Harper slides

Slide into stylish and comfortable outfits with our new Cleo Harper slides

Whether you're heading to a fitness class, styling denim pieces, or meeting a friend for coffee, these versatile Cleo Harper slides are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Pilates Class

Our new Navy Cleo Harper Slides are the ideal choice for your trips to and from pilates and yoga classes when you don't need to wear shoes. The sleek navy detailing on the slides complements a wide range of our activewear pieces, making them a versatile addition to your fitness wardrobe. For those looking to achieve a stylish and coordinated look, try pairing the Cleo Harper slides with our Marine set for a chic blue-on-blue ensemble that's perfect for your pilates sessions.

Styled with denim

If you got our hands on either the jeans or skirt from our denim range, you're in for a treat! We're currently crushing on pairing our slides with our Beau jeans or Regency denim skirt. To complete the look, add our Corsaire bralet in Cream as a stylish top. This combination creates a dreamy and fashionable outfit that can be styled up or down.

Morning coffee catch up

For a cozy and chic look while catching up with friends over a morning coffee, sport the Cleo Harper slides with your Classic Cleo socks when wearing one of the Eclipse leggings from the Intrépide collection. Embrace the casual and sporty vibe by pairing the ensemble with our oversized District sweater or opt for a more cropped look with the Milan sweater in Jacaranda. The lighter blue in the Jacaranda sweater paired with the navy creates as stunning blue-on-blue look.

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