We have lots of great styles of shorts and leggings in stock for all our keen runners.

Our Forte women’s legging or Spin biker shorts are both favourites amongst our Cleo Family. Handy pockets ensure you have somewhere to put your phone and keys whilst still being able to enjoy your run comfortably.

Alternatively, we have the shorter and more traditional running shorts, Dash in multiple colours. For a more high-waisted version check out our newest running shorts Compass.

If you haven’t felt our lightweight Team jacket yet we recommend you to check it out. The super lightweight jacket is a runner’s friend, designed to give you a light extra layer as you warm up on those early mornings or late afternoons. The jacket is also easy to tie around your waist mid-run.

A supportive sports bra for your run is essential!

All of our sports bras are supportive as they are made up of three layers of sports ready fabric that is breathable and will hold everything in place.

If you are after a highly supportive running bra we recommend our bestselling Harmony sports bra that is available in our bright yellow and white. In our latest collection, Electric Field, we also have our super supportive Blake sports bra back - this time in a bright and fun orange colour. Otherwise check out our running bras like Aurelia and Glow; these are also favourites among those who want that extra support.

Enjoy your run!

x The Cleo Harper Team

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