We love that there are endless ways to style our pieces. We have some great tricks, using our tops, tanks and tees, for how you can add variations to your pieces with some simple styling tips.

Let’s take our latest Tee, Scout in Apricot. This tee can be worn out over your leggings, or knotted for a more cropped style. We love the knotted look with our jeans or bikini bottoms. If you wear one of our sport bra’s under the tee, you can also tuck the tee into the sport bra for an effortless cropped version. When we are styling our tees with our high waisted shorts; such as our Retreat or Compass short, we tuck the tee inside the short to create that silhouette look.

You can also style our tanks such as our newest Fleur tank in Peach, in exactly the same ways as our tees.

When it comes to our long sleeve tops such as our white Edge top or Hampton sweater these can also be styled in similar ways. To create a sophisticated look, we often style the Edge top with our Cruise Pants, tucking the top into the paper-bag waist of the pants.

You can achieve this same look with our Journey Shorts. When styled with our Tour, Easton or Panama short you can make the Edge top a crop, by folding it up and securing the fold in the sport bra.

Our sporty Hampton sweater is usually styled over our leggings, but in summer we love to play with a relaxed crop look when we style it with our shorts. Just tuck the one side into the lower part of the sport bra, and you will achieve a fun, relaxed crop.

We hope you love the many ways our tops and tanks can be styled, not just for your workouts, but also for your everyday look.

x The Cleo Harper Team

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