Elevate Your Fitness Wardrobe with Stylish Cleo Outfits

Elevate Your Fitness Wardrobe with Stylish Cleo Outfits

At Cleo Harper, we're all about helping you curate the perfect collection of pieces that not only supports your fitness journey but also keeps you looking fabulous.

Following the launch of our latest collection, we are thrilled to see all the incredible mix and match combinations among our Cleo community. We also love seeing new Cleo pieces being paired with your existing Cleo wardrobe. One standout combination that has been making waves is the Accelerate short in Latte paired with the Vashti bralet in Poppy. This pairing of a striking colour pop with a neutral is a winner which radiating confidence and style.

Discover the magic of blending our soft Marine colour with warmer tones. We have been creating a dreamy yet fun look by pairing the Soul Marine leggings with the striking Perry Citrus bralet. For an outfit that will support you through any workout, the Olympia tank paired with the Accelerate shorts in the creamy Oil hue is a match made in heaven.

Combine the Poppy Form leggings with the Reaction bralet in Black – a combination that not only looks striking but will also provide you with amazing support thoughout your workout.

If you are a neutral lover, embrace the beauty of tone on tone looks by experimenting with various textures. This week, we styled the new Ember shorts in Acorn with the Layne bralet in Latte for a sophisticated and trendy look.

At Cleo Harper, we love filling your fitness journey with high-quality, fashionable activewear. We hope these mix and match ideas unlock a world of styling possibilities.

Elevate your activewear game and embody the confidence you deserve. Stay fierce and fashionable.

The Cleo Harper Team x

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