Here at CLEO HARPER HQ we are so in love with the DAYDREAM collection, and we are glad to see that you love the collection as much as we do. As your new pieces are being shipped to you, we have already started to mix and match our favourite pieces. All whilst secretly dreaming about that Greek summer holiday we hopefully will jet off to next summer. It´s all about that daydream right?

The iconic blue against the white in the Greek architecture is also the inspiration behind all the blues in this beautiful collection - and we love mixing in all the shades of this blue palette when styling the collection. So our Dive Blue prints are currently being paired with all the deeper Navy styles; such as Forte, Tour and Bondi, as well as the subtle light blue sky seen in the Dash shorts and the iconic Coco bralet - hold on we also just paired our new Coco with the Weekend Jogger from the Awake collection and what a winner that is too!

So remember, the pieces in our collections are always meant to blend with each other in order to suit any season, style, shape and mood. Since we are all about this blue palette today we thought we would share with you a styling tip when it comes to colours; pairing different tones of a colour into your outfit will create greater depth to your styling. So mix those stunning blue tones and turn heads today!

And please remember to tag yourself in your favourite Cleo Harper combos, so we can see how YOU style your favourite pieces.

X The Cleo Harper Team

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