Christmas is just around the corner and it is that time of the year again when we sometimes get stuck in the jungle of which size, colour and style to get our loved ones.

We have therefore tried our best to give you some tips of different gifts that suit different personalities, family members or friends on our daily December gift guide, currently showing on our Instagram stories. These are also saved in highlights so the gift guide is available whenever you need it. However, we thought we could help you further if you are on a secret mission to sneak that activewear gift under the tree without any suspicions. Here is how you can best complete your Christmas gift mission:

Size: Cleo Harper is true to size; meaning if you already know the persons general size go for that size. If you live with the person sneak out a sports-bra or tights from the persons drawer or check the clothesline, and voilà you have her size.

Colour: If in doubt our black leggings styles are a super “safe” colour and come in a variety of styles. You can´t go wrong with a quality pair of black leggings, as everyone needs black tights in their wardrobe. However, if the person you are buying for has a favourite colour or they tend to wear colour you have come the right place… Cleo Harper has a range of colours in stock with everything from summery coral to deep jewel tones, as well as endless blues and the monochrome palette.

Style: Focus on styles you have seen your friend or loved one wearing often. Does she like long tights or shorts, t-shirts or tanks? If you have never seen her in bike shorts for example, opt for something she wears daily such as a bralet, tights, a tee or sweaters. A jogger set is a super easy gift – the sizing is very forgiving, you can’t go wrong.

Gift card: If you are still lost for what to buy your special someone you can simply pop a gift card in your cart. This is often the best option as receiver can then purchase exactly what she wants. The best thing about gift cards; you don´t need to take into account shipping time. You can literally purchase it on Christmas morning and it will arrive in your inbox instantly.

Happy Christmas shopping!

X The Cleo Harper Team

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