We all know 2020 was a different year and for many a tough year. 
However throughout 2020 it was often keeping a routine such as that daily workout; either a walk, a workout in front of the TV or a run that helped many keep a constant throughout periods of lockdowns and restrictions. The best outcome was that these workout routines put a smile on people’s faces even through the most difficult times of the past year. 

Celebrating a new year always comes with lots of hope, dreams and goals for new beginnings and a fresh start. Firstly, we would like to wish you all the best for this New Year! And we also want to give something back to our beautiful customers so everyone can start this New Year on the right foot. 

Planning, goals and routines are important in order to not get overwhelmed when rushing to start our resolutions. We have therefore made a beautiful 3-page planner ready for you to download. All you need to do is to fill in the blanks. Plan your days and weeks ahead with both the daily planner - where you can write down tomorrow’s Cleo Harper outfit, the workout you plan to do, as well as your step goals etc. We also want to remind you to take care of your beautiful self among the hustle of everyday life, and the planner has friendly reminders such as; 3 things I will do for myself today. When you come back to your planner at the end of the day it has a section for reflections. If you need a meal planner or a weekly calendar to pop on your fridge or desk we have made these available for you too.

We hope you love our printable planners as much as we do. From experience we know how important it is to have both our activewear and work outfit ready the night before in order to feel organised in the morning. We therefore hope planning your activewear combo and workout the night before will motivate you to jump out of bed in the morning and reach your workout goals for 2021, most importantly putting that big smile on your face. Always remember; this could be the best year of your life.

Click here to download your free Cleo Harper planner

Happy New Years!

X Cleo Harper Team

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